Friday, 2 September 2016

Beauties On Fire #7: Seven Deadly Sins | Wrath/Vampire Goth

Hellooo everyone. Welcome to the seventh week of the Beauties On Fire collab! This week's chosen theme is the "7 Deadly Sins".

I admit that I had no idea at all on what to do when I saw that the 7 deadly sins were the winning theme. So I decided to do some brainstorming, particularly on Pinterest and I chanced upon a couple of vampire/gore-ish images.

That's when I chose "Wrath" as my sin and come up with a vampire goth outfit!

I was so glad that Daiso has already started selling Halloween stuff cos then I could buy my props without breaking the bank! The veil and super cute scythe caught my attention immediately!

As you can tell, I Photoshopped the blood on my face haha. Initially, I bought blood capsules, but when I bit into them, nothing happened. The fake blood didn't ooze out of my mouth as I thought it would have. Maybe I didn't chew on them properly or something lol. But yeah, they didn't work for me.

I feel like this outfit would be perfect for a Halloween party too! I've never been to one, and if I were to go for one this year, this might just be my costume.

And that's it for my take on the 7 Deadly Sins!
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I hope you have enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading ^_^