Saturday, 7 May 2016

April To May Goals

Hiya lovelies! I have meant to post this earlier but my April so far has been a busy one, which also explains my lack of posts. But fret not as I already have a couple of new posts all lined up for you!

Before I get started on my April to May goals let's look back at my March goals and see if I have achieved them?

1. Update my memento book

I bought decorative tapes from Daiso to beautifully decorate the contents of the book.

Just a little sneak peek of what it's like inside.

2. Daily Journaling

Writing in my journal daily seems like a task that I can't carry out as there are some days that go boring, or have nothing interesting going on. So I only write in at the end of the week or so, to summarise an entire week. It's still better than nothing though, at least I am updating regularly now.

My current diary from Smiggle.

3. Moisturise every night

I did get round to moisturising every night but once my skin felt more hydrated, I only moisturised once or twice a week.

This is the lotion I currently use. I got it for only $2 I think, I can't remember. It's a lot and it smells sooo gooood.

4. Watch an old movie


So the movie that I watched was The Outsiders! I am soo in love with the cinematography, and I really wish I was born in that era. Now, I wanna read the book again.

5. Clean my wardrobe

Yep, I finally got round to it. Now my wardrobe's all nice and clean. I couldn't find worthy enough clothes that can be sold, so I donated them to charity.

So yup. Those were my March goals and I am happy to say that I have fulfilled them. Now, what are my goals currently?

  • I'm gonna start using Pinterest for my blog!
  • I will try to get out of my comfort zone, and dare to be different.

I hope to be able to fulfill these two goals by the end of this month so, wish me luck!

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