Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mini LA Girl Cosmetics Haul

I have heard all the rage about LA Girl cosmetics, so when I stumbled upon a makeup sale recently I thought: what could be a better way than to jump on the bandwagon now.

This is their Matte lipstick in the shade Fantasy. I have been looking for a nude coloured lipstick in the longest time and I find this shade to be a super pretty muted pink. I hope it will look good for me as I have still yet to find the most suitable nude lipstick shade.

The next item that I have picked is their gel eyeliner. I have never used gel eyeliner before and am curious to try. It is said that this eyeliner won't budge so I really hope it will do its justice.

I saw that the eyeliner also comes in a dark brown shade instead of the black one that I bought.

The packaging also comes with an eyeliner brush. My phone camera just couldn't seem to focus on the brush's precision, unfortunately. Sorry.

Next is their setting spray. I don't own any, so I'm not gonna put any high hopes on this product to see how well it works. I just hope it does.

Lastly is their HD concealer. I bought it in a shade lighter than my skin tone in order to hide my dark circles. And clearly, I have swatch-ed a little too much of it here, whoops.

So there you have it, my mini makeup haul.
I will post a photo of me wearing these makeup products on my Instagram soon so be sure to follow me to see the whole look! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post.